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I am 30 YearsOld


"Ring......" Thephone was ringing again. "will you compensate my rice money or not! If youdon't, I will send you 30-year-old lad to court!" Alas, there was a debteeagain!

Half a month ago, my invention,a new type of "agricultural UAV" crashed accidentally, when fertilizingto the farmland of Shenghua village, and a few pieces of land were burned down,as a result, the villagers dunned for me every day. I felt very sorry, but, as aninventor, I avidly studied the UAV every day, all the money was invested in thedevelopment, the funds was shortage, how to let me pay!

"A penny suppresses thehero!" Anyway, I always need to make money to keep on my research and tofinish the multi-functional 邯郸癫痫病治疗的费用"drone" that the whole world can benefit-- fast sowing, fertilizing, weeding, harvesting, with monitoring function, aslong as the aircraft turns a circle in the sky, it is well aware of the growth situationof each plant, it can adjust the planting conditions automatically, to promotethe harvest of crops! Farmers' life will be better and better!

Instead of always let creditorsinterfere, I would rather immediately invent a small patent, put it into themarket to make money. Then, two days later, a "small dishwasher" soonappeared: portable, foldable, only as large as half a bag, a dirty bowl is inside,it becomes clean, and with the function of inspection and disinfection, if you goto a restaurant,you can take along. It gives customers who are 癫痫病发病时头是痛的吗frequently inand out of restaurants a pleasant surprise, it is highly popular!

Sure enough, when I was celebratingthe success, the phone rang again -- certainly it must be debtees! As a result,"science times" knew this little invention, came to interview! Assoon as the interview appeared in the newspaper, some people bought it. I soonpayed off the debt.

Master Montaigne's words oftenechoes in my ears: "science, is absolutely not an easy work, only those determinedwise men are suitable to engage in science." -- later, I continuouslyfocused my mind in studying UAV. A month later, the new flight finallysucceeded!

Orders wafted like snowflakes,of course, I also saw the order from Shenghua village-- the victim in the first婴儿癫痫病吃什么药test. There was a word saying in the order: "we do not expect, the indebtedguy should be benefit of us, as your 'experimental game', we feel honored,therefore, we going to buy your UAV with ten times price!" I smiled, as ascientist, I deeply realized what Freud called "A sort of science want to contributeto humans’ knowledge, also don't have people convinced. Believe itor not, see the results, it can wait forgetting attention with its own research results." So, I gladly signed:"give your village one set for free, Thank you for your promoting about myresearch-- inventor Li Haoda."










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